Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Math Blog Back from the Dead

About a year and a half ago, I told you about a new weblog I had created to keep track of my math research. Well, only a year and a half later, I have updated the weblog.

Lest that seem particularly tardy to you, the subject of the post is the re-formatting and re-submission of a paper derived from Chapter Four of my dissertation, which I finished, uh, nine and a half years ago. Better late than never!

I'm hoping that in the coming year, I'll post (and do math research) with more regularity. In fact, I'm hoping that announcements of new research developments aren't so rare that they merit a posting here, too!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Almost Famous

Right now, if you go to the home page of the Gazette newspapers -- suburban Maryland community papers -- you'll see that the number one newsmaker is yours truly. Well, to be more honest, I was one of the more local competitors. Others were quoted in the associated article.

I ended up going 2-3 at the tournament...which was a relief after losing my first 3 games (including the one pictured). That's a total of 5-4 over the two weekends, which I'm hoping is enough to raise my rating up to 18 kyu, rather than the 19 kyu where I've been stuck since May.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend of Gaming

I had quite the 3-day weekend of game-playing. On Friday and Sunday, I went to EuroQuest, a board gaming convention north of Baltimore.
I am trying to catch up with the modern web. Instead of posting most of the pictures here, I'm putting them in a web album which you can see by clicking above. I had a good time at the tournament, playing a couple of new games as well as some old favorites. I qualified for the semi-finals of the Puerto Rico tournament. At that point, I discovered that I was not into the whole tournament experience as much as the rest of the players. I probably would have been happier sticking with "open gaming".

One of the odder experiences I had at the tournament was running into three brothers who went to my high school, including one I who was my debate partner at the 1987 debate nationals. Of course, I also ran into two other people from my high school, but seeing Paul and Martin is a more expected, but still enjoyable, experience.

I left early on Friday because Christina and I had been invited to a surprise 40th birthday party for someone. The gaming tie-in there is that people started playing Karaoke Revolution. Christina and I did a duet of Love Shack -- fortunately the female lead has more lyrics, so we were able to complete the song.

On Sunday, I participated in the first UMBC go tournament. I came in first in the weakest division with a 3-1 record and took home a book as a prize. I think I moved up from 19 to 18 kyu there, so I'll have to study the book hard if I want to do well at next weekend's tournament.