Thursday, January 31, 2002


I'm typing this right now at the Quizno's in Bowie as I have lunch. I managed to pick up a new laptop for a bargain price, thanks to my friend Martin, whose company is going through rough times, and found itself with more laptops than it had a need for. So it decided to sell off the surplus, Martin hooked me up, and here I am. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post this from here (no Internet access at Quizno's).

All I've really done so far is charge the battery and attempt to install Ski Resort Tycoon II. Unfortunately, that game crashes (I need to update some things on this system, no doubt), which is why I'm typing up a weblog entry rather than designing ski slopes with my lunch. I'm looking forward to a few other handy uses of this machine, especially when I travel. Once I get the cable that connects my new GPS to the serial port, I'll be in fine shape for navigating on the road. Also, I'm looking forward to doing much of my computing from the comfort of my couch while checking out stuff on TV. Unfortunately, I need to get an electrician in there to install grounded outlets near the couch, so I'll be running an extension cord across the room. (Along with a phone cord, until I get the wireless network up and running.)

Well, I'm finished with lunch, so it's time to shut this down and head back to work.


Hey, it worked. I'm now at home on the couch posting this while watching the BBC News. Cool.

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