Saturday, May 18, 2002

I Have a Canadian Stamp in My Passport

It's always disappointed me in the past that when I've entered Canada, they've neglected to stamp my passport. I flew to Ottawa in 1996, Toronto in 1999 and Winnipeg in 1999, and each time the immigration control canuks just looked at my passport and handed it back to me. I've even tried asking them to stamp it, but to no avail. I mean, if a passport doesn't tell you where you've been, what fun is it? (I've had equal luck when driving across the border.)

Well, I'm in Montreal now, and on the way in, they stamped my passport with a nice red stamp. They joined the UK in disregarding the "arrival" and "depature" columns and sticking the stamp in the departure column. (At least they didn't stamp it in the middle of the page, like the Brits sometimes do.)

I checked into my hotel and wandered around until I found an ATM and this place. It's some sort of Internet cafe, which seems mostly to be populated by Asian individuals playing shooting games. Except for the guy next to me, who is using his PC to listen to Asian pop music.

Anyway, I probably won't stay too long -- it hasn't been that long since I was in the good ol' USA checking my e-mail. But I thought I'd use this opportunity to send e-mail to people letting them know I got in safely and post this entry. I'll probably have access at the conference tomorrow, but just in case I get a jonesin' for a 3-AM Internet session, I know where this place is. Now if I can only remember where my hotel is...

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