Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

I had an interesting birthday. I got out of bed, and it felt a little bit colder than it should have. I went to check, and the red button on the heating system had popped, as it does occassionally. I reset it and went upstairs. As Christina and I were discussing why this would have happened, I thought I should go back down and check how much oil we had left. As it turned out, we had (practically) none. I called the oil company (who is supposed to keep our oil levels up without prompting), and they said they'd schedule us for a delivery. Also, they would send out a technician to prime the system and give us an emergency delivery of 10 gallons of oil. By 11, the truck show up with the full tankful of oil. I asked the truck guy whether the system still needed to be primed. He said it did. I asked him if he could do it, and he said he wasn't supposed to but would for $20. Since the technician was coming out as part of the heating contract, I declined. I tried to start up the system on my own, and shortly thereafter the technician arrived. As it turned out, the system didn't need priming.

So that put the kibosh on our plans to head out to Whitetail to go skiing. So I sat on the couch, drank some bourbon I got at my bachelor party and thought about stuff I needed to do around the house. And then didn't do it. It was nice. For dinner, we went to Buddy's where we had our rehearsal dinner. We get a 10% rebate as a "Buddy's Club" member, so the rehearsal dinner paid for my birthday dinner. Er, except for the fact that the rebate coupon expired earlier in the month. I hadn't notice that, but they were nice enough to honor it, given the magnitude of our expenditure. I'm not sure when we'll be heading back there, though. The food wasn't great. The service had its usual quirk of bringing the food in rapid succession (soup, appetizer, entree).

We did get to Whitetail for skiing yesterday. It was a nice day -- not too cold, but still with good snow. And it was not crowded at all. I rode down Limelight, a blue trail, 3 times. I particularly liked the high-speed lift, but the trail was very challenging for me. I definitely have to get better -- and in better shape. But we had fun, and I am now officially exhausted.

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