Monday, February 24, 2003

Tohono Chul Park

We had a nice Mexican lunch yesterday, so we thought we'd make today distinct by making today the one full day out here where we don't have Mexican food...well, other than the leftovers.

My parents have a neat map detailing Tucson-area attractions. There are around 40, and I've been to about a third. I picked one of the nearby ones, Tohono Chul Park. We headed out into a certain amount of rain...

I don't know what it is about rain. Two weeks ago, we helped break a drought in San Diego. After coming home to a massive blizzard, we left in a torrential downpour on Saturday. And now here we were with more rain. Fortunately, it cleared up and it was a lovely day once we got to the park.

It was a nice enough park. The part we saw mostly consisted of gardens. It was interesting seeing the regional plants, and they had some nice specimens of catcus. My one complaint is that there was really no clear organizing theme to the park -- the handout didn't even explain the history of the park or why it existed.

Still, we had a nice hour or so wandering around.

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