Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bristol Marriott Royal

Greetings from the Bristol Marriott Royal. I have the option -- do I pay 15 pounds/day (roughly $28) for Internet access through the hotel? Or do I use the free wireless network provided by a nearby independent cinema? Hmmn...

I have a very nice room. This is a quaint old hotel that has been remodeled recently.

They decided to keep the plumbing as is, which means separate hot and cold taps (I never understood the attraction of that). Also, if I'm running cold water in the bath, I can't run it in the sink. And if I'm doing either of the preceding two things, the toilet tank doesn't refill. Quirky, but reasonable.

Right now I'm waiting for room service. I used to feel like I should leave my room and have more interaction with local culture. But I've had plenty of interaction with UK culture over the years, and I'm going to have plenty this week. Plus, it was raining (trust me -- it started after I took the picture.)

I took the train out here, which was cool. I hadn't taken a UK train in over 10 years -- except for the Heathrow Express, which I also took today. I almost duplicated a feat from years back, when I started to nod off as we pulled into Bristol. Fortunately, unlike years ago when visiting my parents, I did not manage to sleep through my stop. A short taxi ride later, I was here and napping in my room. That's another thing I used to feel like I should avoid...but I've learned that I'm talented enough at sleeping that a nap won't keep me up all night.

Well, the room service is here, so I'm going to go enjoy my chicken caesar salad...

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