Thursday, July 06, 2006

Still No Power

Greetings from the College Park Hampton Inn, our home away from home, at least for tonight. It's got all the modern conveniences -- air conditioning, hot water, Internet access...that our house lacks at the moment. According to PEPCO's map, outages in PG County are down to 1,697. Unfortunately, we're one of them. There's a tree on the power line down the street and no sign of PEPCO, so the prospects seemed dim for a restoration tonight.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

The first one shows our broken tree after the tree guy had done some initial work. We're hoping it'll survive, but we're not sure.

The second one shows the damage done to our fence, either by the initial treefall or the subsequent tree work.

The next two show that the damage isn't too post has to be put back into position, the top bar has to be popped back in, and we're most of the way there.

The final picture shows our next-door neighbors' front yard. I suspect this tree will cause further problems restoring power after the one a couple door down is taken care of.

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