Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Recently, we paid a significant amount of money to a local roofing company -- a good choice, since the alternative was a leaky roof. That sort of defeats the purpose of any other renovations.

As part of the work, we had them replace the old (leaky) copper gutters on the front of the house. As it turns out, that's the most visible part of the renovations. The old gutters were green (think Statue of Liberty); the new ones are shiny copper.

So it's funny -- after spending all of that money, the only visible benefit we get are the nice new gutters. Look at the roof -- can you tell where the slate was replaced?

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christina said...

Shawn from Kraftwekrs told me that the gutters take only a month to turn penny-brown, but we won't see them turn green in our lifetime.
Makes me a little sad, actually.