Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Obama T-shirt

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Right before the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, I got an appeal from the Obama campaign for money. Unlike previous appeals, this one promised a t-shirt if I donated $30. I waited and waited, and no t-shirt arrived. After the primaries were over, I e-mailed them about the shirt, but got no response. I really hit the roof on June 26th when I got another request for $30 with the promise of a t-shirt. I e-mailed them again. And waited.

After another couple of weeks without the shirt, I finally posted a blog entry on their site demanding my t-shirt. Of course, that was yesterday, and the t-shirt arrived today. As much as I like to believe they responded to my outcry, it's just a coincidence. Now I almost wish I had sent $30 for that other t-shirt...

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christina said...

I also wish you'd bought a second tee -- then I'd have one instead of having to steal yours.