Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tweet Tweet Tweet

I try to keep on top of various trends in the way people use the Internet and the web. I don't want to be the old guy wondering about this Wikipedia thing all the kids are using.

Partially for this reason, I set up a Twitter account. Twitter is similar to Blogger, but it limits you to 160 characters per post (or "tweet"). In fact, it was founded by one of the creators of Blogger. While it may seem strange to want to use a less-functional version of an existing tool, constraints can force users to be more creative.

I first became aware of Twitter through Slate's John Dickerson, who posts wry comments like, "The discovery of Big Foot's body has forced political insiders to reluctantly cross its name off the list of likely Vice Presidential picks." While I enjoy his work on Slate, some of his tweets are particularly funny.

I don't recommend my Twitter page to non-Twitter users, even if you find me interesting enough to read this blog...there's just not much there. But if you are using Twitter (or if this post intrigues you enough to start), go ahead and start "following" me -- maybe I'll return the favor.

(Technical note: if you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, you can also follow me here.)

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