Sunday, January 04, 2009

Help Me Identify This Language

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About a week ago, before we left for Arizona, I went out to waymark a nearby peace pole. When I got home, I was unable to do so, because the category requires a list of the languages on the pole, and I didn't have it.

Today I went back and took some pictures. When I got home, I was able to identify 11 out of the 12 languages on the pole, but one stumps me. If you look at the picture above, on the left, you'll see Arabic, Dutch and one I can't identify. (On the right is Gaelic, Russian and Animal Paw Prints.)

I am appealing to anyone reading this to help me figure out what language this is. It seems to borrow its alphabet from Greek and Hebrew -- possibly others.

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Jonathan said...

That my friend is Dutch for "peace should dominate on ground" or something like that.