Thursday, February 16, 2012

Countries Visited

So it's been four years ago this month since I updated my countries visited map. Since then, I've been to the Netherlands (twice), Turkey and Japan. The former two I noted on my updated European map in September 2008. Japan, which I visited in 2009, calls for breaking out the full world map. If I hit my regular conference circuit, I will add no new countries in 2012, but I will in 2013. This three-year lull (2010-2012) in visiting new countries is partly due to revisiting countries (in the past two years, I've revisited Singapore, South Korea, Germany, the UK, Canada, and, as mentioned earlier, the Netherlands.) It's partly due to my reduced travel schedule with the boys around.

The last time I went three years without visiting a new country was 1995-1997.

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