Thursday, December 17, 2015

World Heritage Update: Brussels

I was in Brussels last week, where I visited my 61st World Heritage Site, La Grande-Place. Brussels has two more sites, but my trip was short, and I was very sick, so I only visited the one. 61 out of 1031 is 5.92%, a new high percentage! (Sometimes the percentage goes down due to new sites being inscribed.)

To make sure that it really was a new high, I wrote a spreadsheet tracking number of sites visited as of a given year. (For simplicity's sake, I only considered year-end totals.) I had to track both the year I visited and the year the site was inscribed, so visits to sites that were later inscribed only show up after the inscription. Then I compare it against the number of total sites inscribed to see my percentage. Here's a graph (I smoothed it to make it look nicer):

So, yes, 5.92% is a new high for me, beating 2012's previous record of 5.82%. Unless they add more than 35 (which they haven't done since 2000), I won't need more than 3 new ones to break 6% for the first time. It looks like the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings will be inscribed, so that's one. I have no idea which ones the other two might be, but I will try to make it happen.

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