Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Geocaching: Busy Month

I posted recently comparisons of the various geocaching statistics web sites. Each had advantages and disadvantages. I think, though, that I'm growing to like Project Geocaching. One of the drawbacks is that it only updates once a week, unless you pay them. But that's given me a handy marker for when I check in on my stats, rather than updating them multiple times in a week.

So let's check out what's new...

Although I haven't topped my best week from 2008, I am having my busiest month yet. Some of that was my recent trip to California, but I've also been trying to find a few minutes here or there most days to grab a nearby cache.

Deep thought alert: one of the things that attracted me to geocaching is the idea that these hidden pockets exist even in our built-up world where people hide little boxes of stuff. Another thing I find interesting is finding little pockets of time in the day to locate these little boxes. As an example, recently I was driving down a highway and needed to pull over to make a couple of phone calls. I remembered where there was a geocache, so I parked 100 feet away, and in between phone calls, I signed the log.

Anyway, what else is new in the stats?

I picked up four more of the 81 possible difficulty/terrain combinations. Given that I've only found one with difficulty or terrain greater than 3, and there are only 25 combos that don't fall into that category, I'm running out of the easier ones to knock out.

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