Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Geocaching: Spring 2019

I only got out geocaching three days in the Spring. But two of those days, I found four caches each, so I at least got a total of 9.

I went out at the end of March to find a high-favorite cache, because that gave me three souvenirs in the then-ongoing promotion. That got me to 62 souvenirs. I counted being at 57 last summer.  I didn't take note of a promotional souvenir I got in September, and there was a retroactive one awarded for the United States in December (previously, we only got souvenirs for individual states).

Then in April, when in Greensboro, NC, I found 4 caches while waiting for my family. That moved Guilford County, NC to #7 on the counties I've found the most caches in. One of the caches I had been unable to find on my previous visit to Greensboro due to a bug in my phone's operating system. I got a new phone, so I was able to read the signal with the cache information. That was a 4/2 difficult/terrain combo, for my 40th D/T combo.

In June, I headed out of the house and found four in Virginia while my family was wrapping Father's Day presents.

Hoping to find a few more this summer in a few more regions (but unlikely new states or countries).

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