Sunday, March 01, 2020

Geocaching: February 2020

I found 35 geocaches in February, my second busiest month ever. So I will continue reviewing things monthly.

I started the month on a geocaching streak, and bumped my longest streak from 7 to 8.
Included in that streak was a "Fun in All Directions" souvenir for finding one on 02/02/2020 (or 2020-02-02). That brings me to 68 souvenirs.

I started another streak on the 8th. On the 9th, I found my first February 2020 caches (Month 206).
I also got my 24th FTF (First to Find).
On the 16th, I found Minutes 35, 36, 37 and 39 for the West 77 Degrees Longitude Challenge.
I also found my first April 2010 cache (Month 207) that day.
On the 17th, in West Virginia, I found Minutes 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 for the same challenge. One of those also gave me Minute 20 for the North 39 Degrees Latitude Challenge.
I also got my first 4.0/1.5 Difficulty/Terrain combo (D/T Combo #44).
On the 18th, I found a nice one on the Alexandria waterfront.
I stretched the streak through the 20th. I decided it was too much pressure to have that daily task competing with my other daily tasks (which are generally more important to my life).

So other than hitting the West 77 Challenge hard (I only have 6 caches left for that one), I didn't do a lot of stats this month compared to the number of caches I found. My Jasmer grid only got two additions, so I am one closer to filling this. (31 months left, not counting March 2020.)
My heavy caching has made this third-busiest year. And it's only one-sixth over.
My fastest 100 find is now down to 111 days:
My previous record was 210 days, ending April 20, 2018.

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