Friday, May 09, 2003

Viva Poland!

Well, at yesterday's lunch, the Qvo Vadis staff was dressed in sombreros. Odd enough. They also served something that appeared to be enchiladas. I don't generally eat enchiladas, so I didn't risk it.

Perhaps that is what put me in mind of Mexican food, though, and that evening I ended up at El Popo for dinner. The food was...interesting. Good, but unusual. The quesadillas seemed more like cheese turnovers. The flautas were served with a side of potatos and sausage...Christina assures me that this can be autentically Mexican, but I didn't sample the sausage to find out if it was chorizo.

Dinner was accompanied by a mariachi band, who seemed quite good. During their break, they wandered over to the bar and started trying to figure out how to transfer photos from one person's cell phone to another's Palm Pilot. Judging by the amount of swearing that was going on, I don't think it went well.

When it came time to depart, I ran into the small problem of not remembering where the entrance/exit was. (I eschewed the margaritas, so that wasn't the problem.) Fortunately, one of the mariachis came up to help me. Unfortunately, he started trying to help me in Polish. We settled on Spanish, and I ended up back on my way to the hotel.

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