Monday, August 11, 2003

Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe?

I went with some friends to the Santa Fe Cafe Saturday night to watch the Redskins embarass themselves. Hey, it's only preseason, right?

We also played NTN trivia there. If you look at the rankings for Santa Fe, I'm #21 in "Players Plus Points". They're sort of frequent-player points. Originally, you were supposed to be able to redeem them for stuff, but I think they discovered people just preferred collecting them. With some exceptions, I get 2000 points per hour of play. Before you do the math to figure out how much of my life I've spent playing trivia, keep in mind that it's been over most of the past decade. I wouldn't even crack the top 50 at my original site. I moved too far away to keep that as "home base".

The Santa Fe changed hands this summer, and Christina and I were afraid we'd have to find a new place. So far, however, no major changes, and people who have been there in recent weeks tell me they're doing well. Otherwise, I might have to switch to George's home location. (He's #6.)

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