Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Godfather Party

Ben had never seen the movie The Godfather when he bought The Godfather DVD Collection. He decided it was worth having a viewing party for the movies. That was a couple of years ago. Since then, Ben has bought and moved into his own home. He showed it off last weekend with a Godfather party.

We bought him a propane grill as a housewarming present and helped set it up. After grilling of food and much drinking of beer, we sat down to watch the movie. I think I was the only other person there who had not seen the movie. We had to rewind a couple of times as people sometimes talked over the key scenes in the movie, but overall it was fun to watch with a crowd.

I enjoyed seeing the movie, both for the movie itself and for all of the references (e.g., "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.") that I will now understand when people make.

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