Thursday, March 25, 2004

Up to #18

Christina and I went over to the Santa Fe Cafe Tuesday night for a little NTN playing. (And 1/2 price hamburger night.) Unfortunately, we couldn't play because they hadn't had the charger for the game boards plugged in for the past several days. Sigh. That place is really going downhill.

Since we were more interested in NTN than 1/2 price hamburgers, we made the drive up to Damons Arundel Mills, where we enjoyed a NTN-filled (and smoke-free) dinner. As a result, I made it up to #18 on the Santa Fe list (ironically), and Christina made it to #48. We've debated the ethics of turning in #47 for having a name that violates NTN's terms and conditions against offensive names. More likely, we'll just have to find a new location if things keep up.

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