Thursday, November 18, 2004

Google Scholar

Google just introduced a new search engine called Google Scholar.
"The goal is to allow and enable users to search over scholarly content," said Anurag Acharya, a Google engineer leading the project.

Well, upon hearing this news, my natural instinct was to Google myself. Surprisingly, I found some interesting (to me) stuff.

One of my papers has been cited 10 times. OK, I knew about them, and a few may be duplicates, but I still found it cool.

More surprisingly, my first paper, which I was very down on at the time I wrote it, has been cited twice. I'm not quite sure why -- I can read one of them for the low, low price of $56.23. The other is someone's dissertation, where he says, "It is also known that..." then cites a simple fact I prove at the beginning of my paper.

Well, looks like I should get back to work putting more scholarly work out there for Google to index. I've been having fun lately doing research for a planned talk at a conference next month in Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Do yuou get a cut of the $56.23? Why not?

Jon Grantham said...

Well, I don't get a cut partially because I wasn't an author of the paper. But I suspect the authors don't get a cut either -- that's the way commercial academic publishers work.

I once saw my dissertation for sale on a now-defunct site. I had signed the rights away to the University, or to UMI (University Microfilms Incorporated), so there was nothing I could do about it.

I'm going to steer away from commerically published journals for future publications.