Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Images of Paris

Greetings from Paris. I suppose I (or Christina) will have a travel commentary later, but I need to run to lunch soon. So in the meantime, enjoy these pictures I've taken.

The first one is of Paris from the Pompidou Center. I kind of like the "artistic quality" of this one.

We went to see the modern art museum in the Pompidou Center. Here's Christina walking through one of the pieces.

Here's a piece called "Fibonacci Crocodile".

If you look closely, you see the Fibonacci numbers coming out of the crocodile.

Here's Andy Warhol's "Ten Lizes".

Here's the Eiffel Tower from our window. They have a light show every night that is actually fairly tacky.

And here's Christina on our walk home from dinner last night.

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