Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wine Update

Only 4 wines to mention since our last update. We also had some enjoyable wine in Paree, although it was not always something we can get back home.

2002 Cousiño-Macul Cabernet Sauvingon

We definitely enjoy Chilean Cabs, and we loved the Cousiño-Macul Antiguas Reservas. We haven't found a Chilean Cab under $10 that we've fallen in love with, and this continued the trend. Enjoyable, and I'd consider buying it again, but I don't feel we have to pick up another bottle.

2002 Tyrell's Pinot Noir

We continue our search for an enjoyable Pinot Noir. This time we turned our attention down under, to Tyrell's. More disappointment. Not bad, not wonderful. I doubt I'd buy this one again. I'm beginning to think we'll have to spend a little bit more to find a Pinot we can really enjoy.

2003 Graham Peck Pinno Pinotage

On the other hand, maybe if Pinot doesn't float our boat, Pinotage will. Pinotage is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault that is a South African specialty. It was very tasty, and on the lighter side, so maybe it's a good Pinot replacement for us.

2002 Charles Back Goat-Roti

After the success of the Goats Do Roam, we thought we'd try something a little bit pricier in the same family. It was very good (I have not met a South African wine I haven't liked), but I don't know that it was better than the Goats Do Roam, which was about half its price.

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