Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Bike Route


I'm taking the day off today. Things to do...and such nice weather. We went out for an exploratory bike ride to find the College Park Trolley Trail. It turned out to be a nice ride, although the hill on Amherst is a little bit of a killer in the return direction. We did about a half an hour round trip (a little less than 4 miles). It would probably require half an hour each way to get to REI or MOM's Organic Market. It's also not that much further from where we were to Lake Artemesia and the airport...definitely a much quicker way to get there than Sunday's ride. On the way back, we stopped at town hall to get $0.25 stickers for our tennis rackets to allow us to use the town tennis courts. Then we looped through the town park and headed back home.

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