Saturday, October 08, 2011

Waymarking Statistics

In a previous post, I mentioned that while I had been enjoying waymarking more, geocaching had better statistics. That's still true, but that doesn't mean there are no statistics for waymarking.

BruceS, one of the more prolific waymarkers, has released a list of "Top 10 Contributors by Country". With 132 in the United States, I'm far away from the 2623 needed to make the list. I am, however, Estonia. Only two waymarkers exceeded the two waymarks I posted there.

There's a similar list for states, provinces and regions from last year. I was #4 on the Maryland list last year, but my totals have only gone from 92 to 100 since then, so I dropped to #5. (On the other hand, I am #8 in South Australia!)

My general waymark-posting pace is way down.  Here are the by-year statistics:
  • 2007     1
  • 2008     107    
  • 2009     48     
  • 2010     8     
  • 2011     9 
My visiting numbers are down as well.
  • 2007     17    
  • 2008     266    
  • 2009     217     
  • 2010     87     
  • 2011     27
I think that's because when I'm in Maryland, I'm more likely to feel like I can't spare the few minutes to stop and snap a picture of a potential waymark. When I'm traveling, I usually load the waymarks into my GPS receiver, but often find other things to be higher priorities during the trip.

In the new list of categories, the only category for which I'm "Top 10" (besides those so unpopular that one or two waymarks qualifies) is Maryland Historical Markers. That's a pretty cool category, and I know of two unwaymarked in Bowie that I should be able to get before anyone else.

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