Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Return of the Android's Dungeon

Early last year, I posted a lament that my blog posting levels had been dropping off over the years. I vowed,
I'll try to do better this year, even if it means including goofy, "meta" posts like this one.
Hey, I did better! The rebirth was fueled by my "Bowie Restaurant Project", which contributed 37 posts -- slightly less than half. It amazes me that despite this effort, I didn't reach the levels of 2006-2007. What was I posting about then?

It looks like travel. In 2007, I had posts about trips to the Bahamas, New York, Finland, Estonia, Barcelona, California, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia and Las Vegas. Wow. I used to travel a lot. My reasons for traveling less are documented on another blog, so they won't be showing up too much here. I can, however, make the most of the travel I do have. And review more of the books I read. And finish the Bowie Restaurant Project. And cut myself a break for not keeping up the same posting schedule post-kids that I had pre-kids.

This year I decided to go with a bar graph.

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