Thursday, January 03, 2013

Android's Dungeon 2012 Blogging Productivity Report

At the beginning of 2011, I lamented the steep decline in my posting output here. Last January, I celebrated a rebound. So how'd I do in 2012? About halfway between the depths of 2010 and the recovery in 2011.

I used labels on every post last year, but the first, which shows me that my Bowie Restaurant Project contributed the majority of posts, with books in second place, and other topics (travel, nostalgia, geocaching, genealogy, etc.) contributing a handful.

In 2013 (I find it hard to believe that's a real year), I guess I'd like to bring the restaurant project to a close, review more books, and start posting more about travel, even if I don't travel very much. With the books, it's hard to have the discipline to write a review while the book is fresh in my mind, and a month or so later, the typical review feels like, "Oh, yeah, that book was pretty good, except for this aspect." On the travel, I've gotten into the habit of posting photos to Facebook. While I like limiting the exposure of some stuff, most of my travel photos have no privacy implications, and the blog allows me to weave a more complicated narrative than Facebook does. So I'd like to post more this year, but I won't be too sad if I end up around 52 again.

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