Saturday, January 11, 2014

Geocaching: Minute by Minute

I recently became aware of a nearby geocache which you're only allowed to log if you've found caches in all 60 minutes of the 76th degree west of longitude. Since I live in that degree, I thought I'd have a shot at having a substantial number of these minutes. I've only found 86 caches total, and many of those were not in the Eastern U.S., so I knew I wouldn't be close to 60, but it might be interesting.

CAM 2006 (minute 55)
My previous "goal" was to find caches in all of Maryland's 24 counties. I stalled out at nine a few years ago, mostly because a lot of travel would be required to add to the list. But the minutes are by definition, potentially close to home.

As it turns out I have 11 of the 60 minutes. Here they are. (When I found a minute multiple times, I used the earliest representative.
  1. 27 A Stroll Around Solomons Island (blog post)
  2. 31 Beachwood Park Travel Bug Hotel
  3. 36 Hutchins Hideaway (blog post)
  4. 40 Crofton Travel Bug Tavern
  5. 50 Manta's Mystery Cache (blog post)
  6. 54 Forest Heaven
  7. 55 CAM 2006 - Inside the Beltway (blog post)
  8. 56 Maryland Marathon (blog post)
  9. 57 National Treasures (blog post)
  10. 58 Birds Don't Have Pockets (blog post)
  11. Maryland Marathon (minute 56)
  12. 59 Grab A Seat (blog post)
It's possible that I found a few other minutes, but since I am no longer a "premium member," I can't retrieve the coordinates. At this point, I don't think it's worth it to re-join.

Birds Don't Have Pockets (minute 58)
Grab A Seat (minute 59)

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