Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Geocaching: Two More Minutes, One More County

This past weekend, I had an errand in Baltimore County, and I realized I had a chance to add it to my list of Maryland counties in which I've cached. I was meeting Ben, who agreed to join me for the nearby excursion to an Earthcache. This particular Earthcache was at Greenspring Quarry, which I learned is the deepest body of water in Maryland. Cool. So that's my 11th county. The other counties are a bit farther, though honestly the Eastern Shore is closer than I think.

It's also at Minute 41 of 76 degrees West, so that's my 15th minute of that challenge. And it's Minute 23 of 39 North, so that's my 14th minute for that degree.

It's my first find of 2016. How did 2015 turn out? Well, just like the previous six years, I found between one and three caches. Not exactly burning up the trails, but at least it isn't zero.

This find reminded me of why I usually prefer Earthcaches and other "virtual" caches. In gathering one piece of information, I noticed that there was a physical cache nearby. I thought it would be easy to add to my total, but there was a photographer camped out right on top of where it had to be. I really didn't want to bother him, so, well, at least I found the one I was looking for.

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