Monday, January 07, 2019

2018 Stay-At-Home Bowl Preview

It is playoff time in the NFL, which means that as a Redskins fan, I turn my attention to something other than following my team.

Yes, it's the Stay-At-Home Bowl, the honor I bestow upon a team that has beaten both Super Bowl participants. With the final eight teams decided, there are five out of the sixteen possible Super Bowls that will cause the honor to be bestowed.

  • New England-Dallas: Tennessee would win.
  • New England-Philadelphia: Tennessee would also win.
  • Kansas City-Dallas: Seattle would win.
  • Indianapolis-Rams: Philadelphia would win.
  • Indianapolis-Dallas: Houston would win.
I guess what I am saying is that the NFC East wasn't very good, so their playoff teams lost to a lot of teams, so in the unlikely event that one of them ends up in the playoffs (dear God, no), there's a decent chance you have a winner.

Last year's winner, Kansas City is doing pretty well this year, continuing the trend of winners having a good next season.

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