Sunday, January 09, 2005

Game Playin' Weekend

I played a lot of board games this weekend. Yesterday, George, Doug, Ben and I played a number of games. The complete list (for all of January, actually) is available here at After George headed off to par-tay, Doug, Ben and I ended up with a particularly devlish game of Robo Rally (using a board from the Armed & Dangerous Expansion). Robo Rally aficiandos will realize the painful strategy needed to complete this game:

I made a wrong turn after touching flag 4 and lost my last life. Doug touched flag 5 and was very close to touching flag 6 (and winning), when Ben killed him and won the game.

Unfortunately, Ben's mechanic had not properly re-attached his front left wheel, so he stayed over until he could figure out how to tighten the lugnuts. So he was still here today, and ready for some board gaming. We spent some time punching out and sorting the pieces to "Sid Meier's Civilization -- The Board Game".

After that work, we didn't have enough time to play the actual game (well, maybe we did, but we perceived that we didn't), so we had a nice game of Puerto Rico.

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