Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stat Boy, Vikings Chapter

After watching yesterday's episode of Pardon the Interruption, I was moved to send them the following e-mail:

Subject: Wilbon & the Vikings

Dear PTI,

Where was Stat Boy on this one? Today (1/24), Wilbon said that the
Vikings ended up 8-8 and exited the playoffs in the first round. Tell
that to the Green Bay Packers...

Jon Grantham

(Many of you will recall that Minnesota bested Green Bay in the first round of the playoffs.)

This morning, I got the following response from Stat Boy:

Yeah - I guess I blew it... Didn't even hear that one. Had four other
errors, but this was a big one. My bad.

Good job outta, you, though. I hereby promote you to Stat Boy, Vikings
Chapter. Hold the office with honor.


Hmm, maybe I can get traded to Stat Boy, Redskins Chapter as part of the Randy Moss trade.

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