Monday, January 09, 2017

2016 Stay-At-Home Bowl: Divisional Round Playoffs

For a reminder of what I'm talking about, and a preview of this year's Stay-At-Home bowl, please see last week's post.

Well, those wild card playoffs really collapsed the timelines, didn't they? With Miami and Detroit out, Tennessee's possibilities are narrowed to KC-Green Bay and Houston-Green Bay. With the Giants out, Philadelphia is down to Pittsburgh-Atlanta and Pittsburgh-Dallas. With the Giants and Lions out, Green Bay is down to Houston-Seattle. Dallas is down to Pittsburgh-Green Bay. Tampa still has KC-Atlanta and KC-Seattle. Pittsburgh, Houston and KC are eliminated. San Diego still has Houston-Atlanta. Atlanta and Seattle are eliminated.

To recap:
If New England goes to the Super Bowl, nobody wins the SAH Bowl.
If KC goes, there is a winner, unless Dallas goes.
If Pittsburgh goes, there is a winner, unless Seattle goes.
If Houston goes, there is a winner unless Dallas goes.

So six teams are alive under nine of the sixteen remaining scenarios. There will be no shared victory this year.

Since the Patriots are the overwhelming favorites in the NFC, there is a good chance of no winner. Still, the Steelers are second-favorites, and a Pittsburgh-Dallas SB would make Philly the winner. Stay tuned next week, when we will be down to four teams, four possible Super Bowls, and anywhere between one and four possible stay-at-home scenarios.

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