Friday, January 20, 2017

Android's Dungeon Blogging Productivity Report

For some reason, it's been three years since my last Android's Dungeon Blogging Productivity Report. But I thought I'd fire up the Department of Education's graph generator one last time before Trump shuts it down.

2016 featured a bounce-back to 2012-era levels of blogging. 2014 and 2015 were two of my three lowest years, so I guess it's OK I didn't write reports for those years.

My three most popular labels last year were geocaching (23), soccer (13) and travel (11). (Some posts had multiple labels.) Those seem like topics of interest going forward, although I don't have a lot of travel planned just this instant.

My most popular post of the year was my father's eulogy, with 256 views to date. My least popular post, with 8, marked visiting my 32nd country. Most of my other posts received 15-40 views, which I'll take.

By the way, my most viewed post of all time was a 2011 post about waymarks, which must hit some weird search engine groove I'm not aware of. (The stats only go back so far, however.)

Anyway, if I can reach 50 in 2017, I think I'll be happy, particularly if 15-40 people are willing to read my perspectives on geocaching and Scottish soccer.

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