Sunday, March 30, 2003

Bath, Party Headquarters

Well, we made it to England and are now in Bath suffering from a severe case of jetlag. Normally, there's a 5-hour time difference between Maryland and England, but this week only, there's a 6-hour difference due to their starting daylight savings time a week early. Odd.

I reserved an automatic car at Avis, but somehow ended up with a Peugeot with some sort of clutchless shifting system. Weird, but neat.

We motored into Bath and went to the tourist centre to get them to book us a room. They found us a room at the Marlborough House, where we're staying in the Georgian Room. It's a lovely place, the owner seems nice, and it's reasonably priced.

On the owner's suggestion, we went to No 1 Royal Crescent Museum to see a restored Georgian townhome. Then we got some fish 'n' chips. Mmm.

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