Friday, March 21, 2003

Marooned on Treasure Island

Well, I almost made it to the conference on time. I knew I wanted to take I-80 North, but those of you who know about our Interstate numbering system will realize that two–digit even interstates go east-west. So I picked west (wrong), and found myself crossing the San Francisco Bay.

Fortunately, there are some islands in the bay where you can exit the bridge. I got off at Treasure Island, drove around for a while and found the Oakland exit. (I think I came upon it immediately, but I thought it was the exit for heading back to San Francisco.)

Then when I got here, I had to walk up to the building, get a parking permit, walking back down to the car, then walk back to the building. I had wondered why the directions mentioned the number of steps to walk up. Well, 94 is a lot of steps, and if you have mathematicians walking them on a regular basis, they're going to count them. Also, it was helpful to know when I got to the top of them not to take another set that offered itself.

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