Saturday, March 22, 2003

Fish Tacos on Bay Street

One of the enjoyable things about this Courtyard is that it's across the street from a development called Bay Street. I just walked over there and went to a Rubio's. Rubio's is a neat San Diego-based chain of fish taco stands that I've mentioned in the past. I've gotten more attached to them since that 2000 posting, and I've gotten Christina hooked on them, too. I was pleased to hear from my parents that they're now in Tucson, and it appears they're in the Bay Area too.

I suppose if I were in Berkeley, I could have enjoyed a quirkier, more vibrant experience. But sometimes that isn't what you're traveling around the country looking for. Sometimes you don't want to worry about where you'll park, or whether you'll be accosted by a homeless person. You just want to go to the cool two-story Barnes & Noble even though you've already got enough books.

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